Against the background of increasing standards for plastic products, new complex applications, new materials and property combinations, using the latest developments and research results is especially important for companies involved in plastics processing.

Companies having collaborated with a scientific institution are often facing the problem of implementing the projects’ findings into practice and applying them profitably according to the company’s intention.


Exactly at this point, 3 Pi provides the adequate keys that close the gap between “research” and “practice”.

Bild 1: Unser Konzept zur Kooperation

In terms of a consequent transfer idea, we assume the following tasks:

1. Project management for technology innovations in companies

Under this aspect, we understand the assumption of tasks that are required for managing the introduction of new technologies or new scientific results in the company. More precisely, we undertake the coordination, consulting, arranging contacts of required partners and definition, as well as supervision of projects with research institutes (e.g. the University of Paderborn).

2. Use and implementation of scientific findings in existing processes in companies

This comprises project consulting & management for improvement processes and optimisations as well as problem solutions for technologies existing in the company. In this context, a contact is made to scientific institutions and – if required – projects are also defined and supervised.

Furthermore, the mentioned tasks are to be considered under two aspects:

1. as an integrated approach:

Processes are analysed including several process steps of a production process, such as plasticisation, shaping, modification etc., - also company-wide – in particular if a company’s core competence is located in certain partitions of the process chain. Then, projects especially concern fields on the fringes or beyond the company’s technological core competence.

2. as a specialisation task:

This concerns new technologies or technologies which are new to the company but will be among the company’s core competencies in the future.

Our service offer addresses in all cases plastics processors of different industries focusing on the application of certain technologies - a selection of which is presented in the following table:

Industry Core technology Further technologies
car manufacturers, suppliers to the motor industry injection moulding,
special technologies in injection moulding,
joining technology, surface finishing
medical engineering injection moulding and/ or extrusion with clean room technology special materials
package engineering extrusion, coextrusion coating, modification
building industry extrusion joining technology, materials

Moreover, within the particular industry where a company is acting, there are rules and standards, standardisations, typical specifications and requirements resulting in high differences when handling process technology as well as related to criteria for evaluating the product quality.

In order to level the differences in these cases, we develop solution statements in close collaboration with our customers. These solutions are exactly adjusted to their products and/ or tasks. Due to a customer-oriented and project-based cooperation in teams, an effective information flow can be guaranteed and optimal, customer-specific system solutions are ensured.

Our individual approach with the particular characteristics which are typical for an industry is of crucial importance. This is our core competence and in the end, your success.