Injection moulding

In the past years, a lot of innovations in injection moulding were advanced by demands like freedom of design, lightweight construction, integration of functions, substitution of other production processes and materials, increasing comfort and security. Since the way for the procedure of the injection moulding technology has been paved at the end of the 19th century, more than 100 special technologies have therefore been developed. Furthermore, there have been countless innovations by material scientists, in tool construction and in plasticising technique. Also the production processes described in the following are among these special injection moulding technologies.

In applying the different special technologies such as

a lot of injection moulding fabricators are uncertain. The process layout often is executed according to the “trial and error” – procedure. This causes too long development times and in certain cases, a product can only be manufactured insufficiently or not at all by a chosen special technology. Consequently, tools have to be changed or the injection moulding machine and the periphery have to be adapted, often leading to high costs.

Hence, the overall process has to be designed step by step and in detail. Furthermore, experience from the respective special process of injection moulding at hand as well as from the standard injection moulding process has to be considered for the layout. A systematic approach assures that no important information is lost during the layout process and that all important layout steps are executed.

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