(Hot Plate / Laser / Vibration / Ultrasonic Welding of Plastics)

  • evaluation related to the process technology
  • design of material and components
  • optimisation of weld strengths, corrections

Injection moulding and special technologies in injection moulding

  • component analysis and optimisation
  • process analysis and optimisation
    • 3 Pi – TPR (Technical Process Review)
    • cycle time reduction
    • quality assurance and more
  • special technologies in injection moulding
    • fluid injection technique
    • 2 / multicomponent injection moulding
    • sandwich moulding
    • pull and foam
    • GIT-Blow and more

Process-oriented quality control

  • FMEA
  • Statistical test methods
  • Process monitoring (SPC and CPC)

Failure analysis / component tests and evaluation

  • material: rheology, DSC, thermal analyses, …
  • component: tensile tests, microscopy, optical analyses, …

Public Research Grants

  • reintroduction of technologies and combined technologies
  • systematic processing of your development projects
  • procurement and application for subsidies for your company
  • contract research
  • joint research


  • plastics welding technologies in serial production
  • methods for optimising quality in plastics engineering
  • designing the injection moulds suitable for the given materials